Hiring Workers From Peru


I recently returned from another great trip In Peru. As always I had such a great time exploring and checking out the scenic areas. On these trips I always enjoy speaking with the locals. We talk about a number of things. From politics, movies, religion, and just life in general. Usually once they find out that I’m from America, I get asked the same specific question. How do they find a job in the U.S.? For this answer I turned to a friend of mine named Joe who runs the best carpet cleaning company in Oahu. Joe’s company, Carpet Cleaners Hawaii, has been in business for many years and through out that time he has hired employees from all over the world. To me this qualified him as sort of an expert in the area. So I asked him some basic questions.

  • How did you start Hiring employees from foreign countries?
  • How do you do background checks on applicants?
  • How do you deal with taxes for these employees?
  • Do you prefer foreign employees over domestic employees?
  • Are there any benefits to hiring foreign employees?
  • Any tips you can give to businesses and applicants?

Here is Joe’s response to my questions.

So I got started hiring foreign employees basically by accident. One day I decided I would post a want ad online and I accidently posted it in the wrong GEO location. Before I realized my mistake, I started getting good responses so I just rolled with it. A couple weeks later I had a new employee from Europe.

As far as doing background checks, it works just like it would with anyone from here locally. You just have to do your due diligence first. I usually like to do a skype interview to at least get a feel of this person and how they act. If I get any weird vibes I just move on to the next in line.

So first of all just to be clear, I only hire legal workers. I definitely don’t want any trouble with the law and the IRS. To be honest I don’t hire foreign employees to save money. I pay their taxes like any other employee.

I wouldn’t say I prefer a foreign employee over a domestic employee. Or vise versa. It just seems that for the amount I can afford to pay, and for the type of work that I need to get done, I get a better response from foreign employees. Right now if I had to guess, I have close to a 50/50 split of foreign and local employees.

There definitely can be benefits to hiring foreign employees. As well as some drawbacks. To me, the main benefit is the quality of work I get. I think most foreign employees are honest hard working people. They are just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. They are usually willing to take the jobs others won’t. Some drawbacks can be dealing with work visas and respecting their holidays.

I’d say for anyone wanting to hire workers from other countries, just go for it. Be smart about it and don’t do it to cheat the system. You should take your time and vet your potential employees. If you do it right you will be very happy with your choice.

Joe is always looking for more employees for his business. If you are interested in working for him or you have a question for him, you can find more info about him here.

Carpet Cleaners Hawaii

95-390 Kuahelani Ave. Unit #5019


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How Peru Attract Tourism For The Trip?

Peru is the most beautiful place situated in the Western South America and consider as a most visited destination for vacations. It is known for its rich culture, beauty, and adventure. Its traditional culture makes it the most desirable country for holidays. It is the perfect country to explore it and take a pleasure of the adventures holidays. Peru is attracting people from several years ago. The beauty of the Peru attracts people and makes their vacations unforgettable for extended years.  Peru offers several incredible and exotic destinations to explore.

Here are some of the most visited and incredible destinations of Peru are as follows:

    • Machu Picchu: Machu Picchu is the most famous destination of Peru. It has an attractive construction art since from the Inca time. Machu Picchu is located in a fantastic archeological location and place to spend their leisure time. Without visiting Machu Picchu, your trip will be incomplete. This place is always fully crowded with tourists at every time of the year. So, if you want to enjoy the vacations with your family, then you must have to visit Machu Picchu at once.peru image
    • Lake Titicaca: Titicaca Lake is one of the most beautiful and exquisite lakes. Several people came here to acquire a peace of mind. This lake is perfect for releasing your stress. Here you will find a mix of traditional culture and scenery to allow you to get the pleasure of your holidays. The most surprising factor about this lake is that it is the highest navigate lake in all around the universe. You can also take a pleasure of doing boating to appreciate this awe-inspiring Lake Titicaca.
    • Manu National Park: This national park placed in the Amazon Basin of South America. It is a spectacular place where you can find a diversity of tropical wildlife. Here can enjoy the bliss of several beautiful birds, monkeys and as well as mammals. If you are an animal lover, then Manu Nation Park is an ultimate place for you.

  • Amazon River: This huge Amazon River has a plenty of animals like monkeys, hawks, toucans, fauna, beautiful macaws and so on. This place offers an exceptionally alluring view. It is the one of the most important biodiversity-ecosystem of the whole world. You can also hire a tourist agency that can help you to spend some days in the jungle.
  • Nazca Lines: It is the most mysterious place in Peru that is located in the Nazca desert. It is a place which can make you feel awe. There are several lines draw in the desert. These lines designed in an animal form and some can be seen as airplane form. Instead of this, you can also find several drawings of a hummingbird, lizards, dogs, astronauts and much more.

Instead of above mentioned the place, there are numeral places situated in the Peru where you can spend your vacations with your family, partner and friends as well. Now, it is your turn to explore the Peru and make your trips more memorable and relished.

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